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Yesterday my finger had a collision with a shelf in my room.  Although it hurt a lot, I didnt think Id really damaged it until about 5seconds after Id done it  when I looked down to see it already starting to bruise.  The fact that it felt like my finger was going to drop off as well really didnt help.  This, I decided was a good time to go find an ice pack for my finger.... so I went down to the freezer, only to discover the Ice Monster.

Without going into a lot of detail, somehow I ended up hurting my thumb as well... so now it looks like my left hand has been in the wars a lot... oops


Ok so I dont really need th plasters but theyre helping in that theyre cushioning a bit, and it actually makes it look like Ive done something, rather than just sitting here going 'ow' all the time
Tags: collision, fingers, pain, plasters, shelf

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