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Bits and Bobs

This computer hates my email.  Every time I try and do something with my talk21 email, this pc has an error and closes the webpage.  Its quite ridiculous now because it doesn't let me read my emails... I can just see that I have them.  Its very annoying.  I've also had to go through my uni inbox and whatnot and delete loads of emails cause I ran out of space.  All these silly people keep sending me emails with attachments.  They take up the room!

Anyway.  I shouldn't complain really, because it is quiet in here, as compared to the other day, but we still have builders working outside, and that's another thing!  I came down this morning to go to the cinema (yes, I went to see Stardust again, and its as good as it was the first time I saw it... yes this was numero 5 at the cinema and yes I have preordered it but still) and thought that Id get some money from the cashpoints in uni.  When I got here, I had to walk the long way round and go what felt like half way round the ringroad to get to the library (the cashpoints are opposite) only to find that you couldnt even GET to the cashpoints cause they were laying the new 'paving stones' or whatever it is theyre deciding to call them.  I'll have to find a map and draw the route I ended up walking from Ash to the cinema.... took me an hour.  I'll need to get some pictures of this building work as well.  Remind me to bring my camera down cause my phone camera isn't great.

Oh well.  

Ooooh my ducks arrived this morning XD


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