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Alonso says....

Fernando Alonso says:  It would be bad for Formula 1 if Lewis Hamilton wins the world championship on appeal.

On it says (amongst other things):  Alonso reckons such a situation could have dire consequences for F1's reputation.

"It would be a joke, and we've had too many already," he told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser. "If something like that happened, it would end up burying the sport."

The former champion could only finish a distant third in the Brazilian Grand Prix, and ended the season third in the standings.

He reiterated his belief that McLaren could have been more supportive of his title bid.

"It doesn't seem like the season has been managed very well," Alonso said.

"The result speaks for itself. McLaren lost the championship probably because of some of the decisions they took, especially in the second half of the season. It's no secret that they haven't helped me a lot.

"What my team boss stated in China, saying that they weren't racing against Raikkonen but against me, was a declaration of intent. So McLaren did their part in losing the title, but also Ferrari did a better job than the rest.

"In the last races both my hands and feet have been tied. I didn't have any power. I had to do it all the way they said and that made it harder to close the gap."

But despite his continued criticisms of the team, Alonso denied that he had resolved to leave McLaren, and played down suggestions that he was set for a return to former team Renault.

"I know there are rumours, but I haven't talked to any other team and that's the reality," he insisted.

"If I don't stay at McLaren, I can't say Renault is my first option."

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