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Christian not staying as Honda test driver

Ok, so saw this link from Emma on Facebook earlier (thankies)

Christian Klien says he has little interest in returning to Honda next year as test driver.

The Austrian 24-year-old filled the role this season, but he tells the news agency APA that he only accepted the job as a stepping stone back to the formula one grid.

"The race seats are occupied (at Honda) so to spend another year as test driver brings me nothing," Klien, who debuted for Jaguar in 2004 and raced for Red Bull in 2005 and 2006, said.

He said he never considered the Honda role as a "permanent solution".

"One year is enough testing," Klien added.  "I want to race again."

He said there are still some opportunities on the 2008 grid up for grabs.

"But first we have to wait and see what Fernando Alonso does," Klien explained.  "It does not look too bad, but we are still two or three weeks away."

Klien tested for Spyker at Spa-Francorchamps in July.

Source: GMM

Which is good, because we know how pointless Testing this year is... and then I found this article as well.... 

Honda Formula 1's test and reserve driver Christian Klien hopes he can become a F1 race driver again in 2008. The Austrian believes he has a few opportunities coming up to get back into racing after having been Honda's test driver for one season.

Klien told Austrian press agent APA: "I will do everything I can to get back to racing next season. There are a number of seats still available but the whole market is still waiting to see what Fernando Alonso is going to do. Things look pretty good. I expect things to take about two or three more weeks before my future is cleared up for 2008."

Red Bull's former race driver doesn't want to be Honda's test driver for another season. He said: "A race seat with Honda is not possible unfortunately as they have their drivers signed already for 2008. If I would continue to stay at Honda for another year as the team's test driver I wouldn't make any progress in my career. I'm not testing enough to improve as a driver so one year of testing with Honda has been enough for me. I now want to get back to racing again."

which also has a nice shiny picture at the top of the page, which you can see on this link....

Oh the prettiness.  The temptation to start telling teams to take Christian on is great, but well, we all know how THAT worked out with RBR... but, hey, at least we can see now that was for the best.... I hope for some info from Maureen soon though heehee
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