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A Japanese year

It seems my year this year is very Japanese orientated.... Firstly my Dissertation (yes, that dreaded D word) and now this (not to mention the support of Christian in Honda who are Japanese *giggles*) ...Anyway!

Somehow I just managed to convince my tutor that its a good idea to let me do my seminar on anime.....

Im not entirely sure if this is a good idea or not, but Ive got to write my proposal and hand it in on thursday so I guess Ill find out whether hes still willing to let me do that on Monday, or whether Ill have to change and do some other component of Japanese related shiny stuff.

The one good thing he said is that he doesnt know much about anime, so he'll be learning stuff, and I can at least get my hands on the information i need, which is good.  The question now is, can I pull it off?
Tags: anime, proposal, seminar, uni

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