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Kimi is out.... no more quali for him.  ITV amuses me cause we saw Kimi out the car just as they said he was still sat in the car!

Chief suspect for him going slow is fuel pressurisation system which theyd had problems with before.
They're now saying that he's been disqualified cause he effectively stopped out on the racetrack as he hadn't crossed the line denoting the pit lane and well now he's looking at starting 16th on the grid.  This is not good.

However, I do so love the fact that Heikki is ahead of Lewis at the end of Q1 mwhaha *printscreens livetiming*

Edit: yes, it was a fuel pressure thingy. 

EDIT: WEBBER OFF THE ROAD!!  Although, thank you for ruining Lewis' lap 

Edit: This season is crazy, and ITV are seriously behind.  Alonso didn't make it through to Q3... and Vettel was P6 for ages before ITV managed to mention it (sounding extremely surprised!)  Woot Vettel and woot BMW!  Bring it on!
Tags: 2008, australia, f1, heikki, kimi, qualifying
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