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Australia Pole Position

Damn you Lewis *shakes fist angrily*


Gotta love this Brundleism "how on earth did Kubica keep any kind of time going that far on the grass" - well I dont know Martin, but he did, ha!

1 - Lewis Hamilton
2 - Robert Kubica
3 - Heikki Kovalainen
4 - Felipe Massa
5 - Nick Heidfeld
6 - Jarno Trulli
7 - Nico Rosberg
8 - David Coulthard
9 - Timo Glock
10 - Sebastian Vettel

"A smiling face on everyone at Honda and Jenson Button has joined us here" - ohhh so they want to get rid of him... I get you.  I don't much like the Honda green though.... *is relieved that Christian is no longer there!*

Edit: Not only do I want James Allen to shut up, I also want Steve Rider to quit it with the 'Hamilton Love'.  I may be British but it doesn't mean I have to:
A - like
B - support
(pick one or both of the above) him.  I dont want him shoved in my face every minute of the day!  *fears she will hate ITV for the majority of this season*  Its going to be even worse than last year, in a different way...
Tags: 2008, australia, honda, itv, jenson button, kubica, lewis hamilton, martin brundle, pole position, top 10
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