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I really wasnt going to post now because I am somewhat sleepy.  A lot more so than yesterday: the tiredness is catching up with me now.  Ive been up since 3.10am now, so hopefully I should be coherent for anyone taking to me on MSN during the race... but I cant guarantee it!
Anyway: slashy comment of the day?

'and talking of Australian characters, theres one right between Lewis and Heikki Kovalainen'

They were referring to Shane Warne who had gone to see them - there's probably a picture of the 3 of them kneeling down together.  Yes f1_roxieit was a Steames comment!

Then my friend did this genius one....

Moa: whats he then? rugby dude?
Me: heck no!
Moa: whats he do then?
Me: cricket!

And oh my.... that Lewis/Heikki interview was so funny! *is so glad she's recording it!*
Tags: 2008, australia, f1, heikki, itv, lewis hamilton, steames

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