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Kimi the Diva

Swiped off the lovely deltachildwho swiped it off .... This aricle is so funny I have just died laughing, but then it could just be my work numbing my brain that's made it so funny!


On the Thursday of the first race of the season, all the drivers make an appearance at a special photographers' enclosure. They must dress in their overalls and carry their helmets so they can be captured with their new look for the first time.

With the blazing Melbourne sunshine pushing temperatures up to around 37-degrees centigrade, Raikkonen was clearly unimpressed at being suited up and having to stand around for pictures. Which explains why he stayed for a grand total of seven seconds, before turning around and walking away.

This obviously left the photographers irate, and the FIA too – who made it clear to Ferrari that Raikkonen's behaviour was not acceptable and that he would have to come back and do it again.

So a few hours later, Raikkonen had to get dressed back into his overalls, traipse down to the photographers and have his pictures taken again.

After about 15 seconds of pictures, one of the photographers cheekily shouted out: "Heh Kimi, are you waiting for something?"

And with a shrug of his shoulders, Raikkonen turned around and marched off…

Tags: 2008, australia, kimi, photo

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