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Early Easter

As you all know, this year Easter is extremely early, with Easter sunday being on 23rd March.

Infact the last time Easter was this early, was in 1818.  Easter won't be this early again for at least 200 years.  I can't remember what they just said, but its possible to work it out.  So, in 200+ years time, Easter sunday will be 22nd March.

How do they know this? 
Easter moves every year because it is the first Sunday after the new moon after the spring equinox, which means that it is possible to calculate when it will be.

I know we are all complaining a bit that Easter is so ridiculously early, but this is very infrequent - you will never see another Easter this early!  Make the most of it and count yourself lucky, because you've seen something that people born in the next 100(minimum) years won't ever see!
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