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Cue sheet

Some of you have heard me talking about this cue sheet...  I finally finished it last week.  5,000 words, 22 pages and I cant even use it in my dissertation, its just 'research'.  Admittedly it does make it easier to go through the film afterwards, but still.

Anyway, here are pics of what I've been up to.


It's a bit annoying that Word doesnt recognise my technical terms or japanese instruments, hence the red lines.  However, it does recognise some of my graphical notation which is cool.

I don't really need to spout the whole copyright thing here do I?  This is all my work yada yada.  The Last Samurai however isn't my film but all this stuff on this ere cue sheet is.  Feel free to look and ask me stuff, but taking without permission is wrong and is not appreciated.

Naturally that obviously continues onto the next page.  Theres 22 pages in all.  I'm not posting them all here.

Some terms:
Diegetic music - music thats onscreen that the characters can hear and react to.  You can see where its coming from, for example a character playing the piano is diegetic music.
Non-diegetic music - background music that the characters can't hear.  Most film scores are non-diegetic
Phoney diegetic music - music that the characters can hear and react to but you can't see where its coming from.
Mickey Mousing - when music literally emulates the action onscreen.  Often found in cartoons.
MacGuffin - a plot device that is used to move the action along.  Personally I love this device, well, the name of it at least!

Japanese instruments:
Shakuhachi - a type of wooden flute
Koto - a type of zither
Taiko - Japanese drums

I could give you more on Samurai terms like seppuku and shomyo but seriously, go search wikipedia because its pretty good actually.  Theres stuff about the different swords that they have as well and what they use them for.

Um yeah... its quite fascinating really. 
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