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A highly amusing silly conversation

Some excerpts from an amusing convo between myself and Roxie yesterday.....  There's way too much from the original convo to post on here haha

Roxie: cant you be CK's g/f
Roxie: then we could all like an f1 wag again
Bekki: aww
Roxie: lol :P
Roxie: but secretly we'd be like "Bekki that lucky cow"
Bekki: lmao
Roxie: lol!!! ha buuusted!!
Bekki: lmao
Roxie: knew it wouldn't be long
Roxie: the truth finally comes out
Bekki: i showed becky the bit about you saying about me being cks gf and hten the truth finally coming out haha... she said
RFH(L)'s her Mike - [They're speaking my name, they're pleading with my heart...] says: rofl!!! RFH(L)'s her Mike - [They're speaking my name, they're pleading with my heart...] says: it wouldn't surprise me...
Roxie: LOL
Roxie: hahah!!!
Roxie: we'd be like "yeah, Bekki and Ck..whats new there"
Bekki: (hehe)
Roxie: we'd be more shocked if you cut your hair then if you were to be dating CK
Roxie: lol!!
Bekki: i might have to try that one
Roxie: lol :P
Roxie: srsly we would
Bekki: moa agrees with you
Roxie: lol haha see i told youuu!!!!
Bekki: i seem to have created a name for myself.... hahaha
Roxie: lol!!!
Roxie: i hope thats not a bad thing
Bekki: *thinks*
Bekki: no
Roxie: LOL
Roxie: haha
Bekki: when would that ever be a bad thing
Roxie: lolz!!!
Roxie: hahaha
Bekki: alter it so its you and bob... would that ever be a bad thing?
Roxie: HA
Roxie: don't bring me and Bob into this LOL
Bekki: and why not
Bekki: :P
Roxie: i always get people asking me how Bob is like i actually live with him lol!!! then i knows its bad lol!!
Bekki: hahahahah
Roxie: and the fact they call him Bob
Roxie: like, he's just some guy
Bekki: he makes a good bob though... it works better on him than rob
Roxie: yeeeeah!!!
Roxie: Bob makes him all cute lol!!
Roxie: Bobert has a g/f tho where as CK doesn't
Roxie: thats why we know you're hiding something Bekki
Bekki: hahhaha
Bekki: something tells me i should be changing my screenname
Roxie: lol!! to what?
Roxie: CK'S Secret G/F but shhhs its a secret
Bekki: LMAO
Roxie: Lol
Roxie: its preety obvious
Bekki: moa said:
Simon Cowell, who is also a suspect in a mass plot to ruin pop music, is being questioned by police. emwa... LOL [559/740] موا says: tss Simon Cowell, who is also a suspect in a mass plot to ruin pop music, is being questioned by police. emwa... LOL [559/740] موا says: we've known that for ages
Roxie: LOL
Roxie: Seee
Roxie: you're guilty!!
Bekki: :$
Roxie: lol yaya i have a fave f1 wag now!! *runs to tell everyone*
Bekki: hahah
RFH(L)'s her Mike - [They're speaking my name, they're pleading with my heart...] says: and rofl teehee :P
Roxie: ooh but yeah ssshhhh its a secret
Roxie: first you say, you're not CK's g/f when quite clearly you are
Roxie: so are you not secretly suppose to be on a plane to Bahrain now
Bekki: haha no, keeping it quiet for the mo
Roxie: awwww get ya
Roxie: too many of us have you rumbled now anyways
Bekki: hahah who
Roxie: you might aswell just come out with it
Roxie: me!!!
Roxie: urm, becky
Bekki: anyone else?
Roxie: urm
Roxie: i told Valia
Bekki: hahaha
Roxie: and
Roxie: moa!!
Roxie: there
Bekki: hahahah
Roxie: *rings News of the world*
Bekki: lmao
Roxie: and pretty soon everyone
Roxie: :P
Bekki: something tells me i really SHOULD be changing my screenname now haha
Roxie: well change it, i've already told you what to
Roxie: "Ck's secret G/F but shhhhs its a secret"
Bekki: brb
Roxie: oor "You'll never guess which f1 driver i'm secretly dating"
Roxie: OR "I've got free GP Tickets too all the races..wnna know how?"
Roxie: lol k
Roxie: is CK on teh phone?
Bekki: hahahah no im back now anyway
Roxie: lol, awww was he phoning to say g'night aww blussshim
Bekki: youll be dreaming of bob wearing only marigolds
Roxie: lol!!!
Bekki: that cant be a bad thing for you
Roxie: *shakes head*
Bekki: hehe
Roxie: nope, :P
Roxie: they're pink ones too
Roxie: i've decided
Roxie: ppft, well you don't have to dream since you are CK's g/f
Roxie: some of us don't have that luck lol
Bekki: lol
Roxie: it all makes sense now about Louise Goodman
Bekki: it does?
Roxie: yuuus, because you get over protective of him
Roxie: when she slaunters around him
Roxie: calling him Kaliken
Bekki: ahhhhhh yes
Roxie: lol!
Roxie: New piccas of the drivers tomorrow i'm gunna see Bob and think...marigolds gunna see CK and think..Bekki's b/f lol!
Roxie: gunna see Kimi and think...old drunk man
Bekki: LMAO
Bekki: its so true




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Apr. 4th, 2008 06:46 pm (UTC)
Apr. 4th, 2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
LOL!!! *skips off to teh looney bin*

feel free to join meh lol!!!


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