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'Aww'ing happily

I have to thank

deltachild for this.  Thank you, you've made me happy :D  


Theres this article on - heres the link and its about Christian looking to stay in F1.  Obviously we knew this was his plan for the whole of the last year, but now, what with the merry-go-round slowing and Alonso on the prowl for open seats, its all go.

Upon hearing last week that Christian would be testing for Force India, i squeeed happily, but this article made me 'awww'

"Considering the way in which younger drivers have performed in this year's Formula One Championship, including those whom I have raced against and beaten in lower formulae, I am very happy with the interest being shown in me. I still have a lot of work to do in order for everything to work oout the way I want, but following the agreement with the Honda Racing F1 Racing team I am now in a position to give other opportunities my full commitment, commencing with testing for the Etihad Aldar Force India F1 Team." 


deltachild said, and I quote, because all I can do here is agree, "Aaaw. Such a moment of 'I can do it tooooo' and then 'People LIKE me' as well :) Of course at the end of that article is mention of Force India God, Christian and Liuzzi are going to be so fed up of having to go against each other for race drives. *crosses fingers*"

Its going to be interesting to see who comes out top from Christian and Tonio, but yay for them testing anyhow.  This article, for the moment, will go up in pride of place on my wall, even though the print out of it means the writing is absolutely teeny...

Man I so badly want to go to Budapest for the race next season and see if I can go meet Christian, properly this time.  Anyone interested?  Its celebrating, the race, my 21st and the finishing of Uni....


EDIT: as LJ is being annoying to me at the moment and moving stuff around without my permission, I apologise for the lack of flow in my entry and any random spaces that happen to have appeared... bad LJ!

Tags: budapest, christian, deltachild, f1, force india, testing

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