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Saw this and thought of you

I decided to delete some of the mail from my Uni inbox and found an all student email with this at the top:

Student required capable of working with fibreglass composite at an advanced level.  This is for a student’s final-year project and will assist the School of Computing & Engineering’s entry into the international racing car project known as
Formula Student.  Specifically, the work would be required on vehicle's aero shell.  

Ok, so the email came round earlier in the week and I noticed it but I didnt see it was for Formula Student at the time.  Needless to say when I saw the words 'Formula Student' I think you know who I thought of... Emma.... and I did also quietly go 'eee Formula Student!' (yeah I dont have that much energy at the moment to say it any louder haha)

Anyway, I just decided to click the FS link and came up with one of the School of Computing and Engineering's webpages about it.  They said: 

"The Formula Student competition attracts entries for a selection of universityies from around the world. Teams of students design and manufacture a single seater racing car. The car is scrutinised, judged and raced at a UK event each year and if successful can go on to compete in the United States of America and Australia." - Ok yeah I knew some of that, but not where you go on to compete...

"This year will see our fifth entry into the competition after winning the design competition at our first atempt. Students from all of our engineering and technology courses can participate. Last year saw MEng and BEng Mechanical and Automotive Engineering students, BSc Motorsport Technology students and BSc Automotive Technology and Automotive Design and Technology students, designing, manufacturing and competing." - shows how much I know about my Uni!  Although, I have seen the Motorsport course flyers around on open day and they did look pretty cool... shame Im already doing a course!  

I might now have to take a trip back into Canalside West and go look at the pretty car again, and look at the pretty board that says some of our students went to do a placement with people like Ferrari and BMW.  Theres loads more on the list but I dont remember them all.


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Nov. 16th, 2007 09:36 am (UTC)
Exxxxcellent. Formula Student certainly makes itself sound very shiny.

*looks non-shifty* If you do go down and look at the car could you ask someone about their testing facilities. I'm not spying or anything, but as part of my disso I have to mention other universities test set-ups, I just want to know if they have a dyno, what sort of dyno and if they have a rolling road or not. *looks cute*
Nov. 16th, 2007 09:40 am (UTC)
Aye it does. I dont know anyone who does that... although come to think of it I guess the guy who left his contact details on that email will know! I could ask him...

Really want to go round that bit of the dept though, see the mysterious wind tunnel we supposedly have but no-one else in uni knows where it is...
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