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Random artwork

Been working on this for my Guides.  We've got a new cupboard in the church for Guides and we want to decorate it with guiding related things.  Last week I took some of the guides designs home and collated them, and added my own ideas in to create this.  It's currently still a work in progress but you can see what its going like etc.  I need to check some of the pictures etc and work out how it would fit on the door.

So yeah.  Most of it is taken from the drawings by the guides, Ive just arranged them onto here.  The combining the promise badge and the world wsa my idea though.  I'm still impressed that I drew that circle completely by hand.  Not a pair of compasses or a plate etc in sight!
I'm not sure what else to put on it though... there's more space at the bottom on the cupboard for more game stuff but the rest... 
In the middle of the promise/world there will hopefully be hands, if i can find the right picture to copy!  If not I might have to move the cross (one of my guides suggestions cause we do meet in a church and we have an element of religion in guiding) and put that in the space on the left and put the hands where the cross currently is.  I'm not sure.  Also, I need more words to go round the edge of the promise/world.  My brain decided to stop working after I got those ones.  Well I was doing it last sunday afternoon/evening while watching Notting Hill!

Any suggestions of what else represents guiding and what should be on the door?

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