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Weekend update

This weekend I went to Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest.  I've been there before, but not for a while.  Only really go to Center Parcs for the Numark conferences, but they move around the country to enable more people to go etc.  Anyway, we decided to be a bit more adventurous this time and booked some activities for the weekend before we went.  I chose zip wire and quad biking.

Back to the beginning.  We weren't far away from the Venue and the village centre this time, which was nice.  Literally a 5min walk to the Venue, which is good cause thats where we were based for the majority of the weekend, with it being a conference and all.  The food, as always, was great, though my brother surprised everyone on our table by going back to the buffet 3 times!

Saturday.  Started well.  Didn't do a lot.  Went to see what was in the village centre (which resulted in some shopping).  I had to buy a toothbrush because Id managed to leave mine at home, AGAIN.  Another time I'd left something else at home and because of that Id actually ended up bringing double of most other things haha. 
Anyhoo, it was in the Parcmarket that I discovered something.  Lewis Hamilton was stalking me.  Yes, thats right.  I was being stalked by Lewis Hamilton.  His books were in the shops!  I could not get away from him!!  When we went for lunch I saw someone in our group wearing a vodafone jacket.  It wasnt hard to tell who HE liked.  Becky reckons he's jealous of me and CK haha.
I did however manage to buy an ace toy tiger (yes I was in the toy shop).  It has a black line above its eyes so it looks like a ninja.  I'll try and get some pictures of ninja tiger another time.

In the afternoon it was zip wire time.  We went over to the action challenge area and saw the guy we'd been talking to earlier, but he told us he wasn't going to actually be doing our activity like he thought he would be doing.  After all getting kitted up in the big climbing pants (if you've climbed anything youll know I mean the harnesses... if you havent, well, they look like big pants, and you have to put them on like a pair of pants), and the lovely jacket style harness, and our genius orange helmets, we were taken through the safety stuff before climbing up the ladders to get attached to the safety ropes.  

One by one we left this first platform and had to walk the rope ladder to the middle platform.  When I say rope ladder, it wasn't really.  It was a single rope that you had to walk across to get between the trees.  There were a couple of extra ropes to hold on to, but it was rather wobby and you are rather high.  You had to wait on the middle platform (which is big enough to stand on though youre up a tree), while you wait for the person infront to go down the zip wire etc.  When they've gone and theyre back to the ground, you get called across, and this time it really is a rope ladder.  There's wooden planks on this one, but its still wobby.  I found this one a LOT easier than the first one.  By the time you get up to the final platform, you're rather high up.  The instructor Gavin hooked me up to the zip wire etc and then that was it.  I had to jump.  It was incredibly scary throwing myself off the platform especially when I was so high up, but it was very very cool being on the zip wire.  I was also the only one out of the 7 f us who did it, to actually drop the white rope at the correct time, so yay me.  Laura needed that one to stop us and then to help us get down.

After that we went back to the house and picked up swimming stuff.  Anyone who's been to Center Parcs will know that all the Subtropical whatdoyoumacallit pool stuff is the same.  A main pool that has waves from time to time, an outside bit with rapids that goes inside, some flumes.  The usual.  Messed around in there for a while until we went to find the lap pool to do some proper swimming.  Did a few laps, but the pool wasnt very long, and we didn't have much time, for we had to go get ready for the fancy meal that evening.

The best I can do for this is repeat the text message some people got: 'all dressed up and looking pretty'.  Well I was.  Ill have to find a picture, but again, not now.  I think I showed a couple of you my little black dress from Wallis when I got it - I wore that.  Looked lovely hehe.  We were table number 4, right near the front, but I was right next to the speakers.  The meal itself was fine though my brother kept getting the smallest portions of food!  

After the meal they had the band up.  Big Dog.  They're a group of staff from Numark who play together as a band.  I think it means that they need a lot of alcohol for them to be 'a band'.  Generally they weren't too bad (but I was deafened) but there were a few interesting.... vocal lines that were supposed to be in unison and someone was defo out of key.  The lead singer also got the words wrong a few times, and as for the tune and staying in key... Im saying nothing.  Right near the end of the set they did the Proclaimers - 500 Miles.  Now I love this song.  They wanted a sScot to get up onstage and sing with them but they didnt manage it.  I should have gone up, because I know the song etc and I can sing, but I didnt.  Instead some very drunk woman went up and was screaming and shouting it, and generally killing the song.  I was not impressed.

When the DJ came back on after, he asked for requests, so my brother and I requested Bon Jovi's 'You give love a bad name' which is one hell of a tune, but the DJ didnt want to play it.  Instead there was muchos cheese with 80s and 90s music.  Im all for a bit of cheese, but really, give me some Bon Jovi!  Alas, no, so we went home.

By the time I got up on sunday morning, my arms and the top of my body were aching.  Nevertheless, I grabbed some breakfast and went out to find quad biking.  We got picked up at the country club where we signed a disclaimer against injuries etc and hopped onto the bus to be taken off site to go do quad biking.  There was me, my dad and 2 other men.  That amused me.  
We were introduced to our instructors and were given a safety talk after we'd put on our lovely red overalls (over our clothes).  Trying to put them on over jeans and traners is slightly amusing, but very possible.  Then we were told to take a pair of gloves and went over to be shown how the quads worked and to get our helmets.  I ended up with a pretty bluey stripey medium sized helmet.  The other guys had black large helmets.  

They gave us each a quad in the convoy.  There was an instructor at the front and an instructor behind.  They were in yellow.  I ended up being directly behind the first instructor.  When we first started off, it was really interesting cause I didnt really know how the quad would respond, but I got the hang of it after a while, though I was rather nervous.  You have to sit in a certain way and always keep your feet on the pedals I think it was they said.  It helps keep you safe and grounded, even on bumpy ground.  We went round on our route, up and down hills, through water, holes, sand and mud.  Near the end of the first 20 min session I had a small accident.  There was a load of mud and as I went reound the corner in this mud my quad slid a bit and I ended up catching the throttle (controlled by my thumb) and hit a tree.  I would like to say that I fell off, but I actually have a blank here.  I remember hitting the tree and then I remember lying on the floor, so I assume I fell off, because the quad ended up half ontop of me with all its wheels in the air!  Thank goodness for my crash helmet though!

My instructor kept asking me if I was ok and I assured him I was, thought I was a little shaken.  He said he was happy for me to carry on if I was happy to carry on.  I was.  Got back on the quad and finished the end of the first route then went back for a cup of tea.  After a 5min break we went out on the 2nd 20min woodland quad trek.  Needless to say I was a little more nervous over certain things, but it was great fun.  Very scary, but great fun.  I was however in a degree of pain after that.  The area where the quad hit is somewhat tender and will bruise nicely.  Ive ended up with a few nice bruises already, includng one on my arm that I dont know how I got.  
It's really upped my respect for those in motorsports.  I already had a lot of respect for them, but now I have even more!

Pretty much everything aches at the moment though, but the weekend was worth it.  Will try and find some pictures for another entry, but if you don't hear from me soon - Im in pain and I have no internet, and Im workng tomorrow.  Joy.
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