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Yes, we had snow yesterday!!!!  Most of its gone now, but nevermind.  Look at the pretty snow from last night!!!

SNOW  snow 
(yes the one was taken through a window, without the flash on my camera, but just so you can see the snow up the garden better) 

There were some americans and a couple of other 'foreign' people at Vine last night.  Theyd just come over here yesterday or the day before, I forget, and theyre here for a week.  One of the guys was from Brazil and he'd never seen snow before.  Apparently earlier in the day, he was stood outside in it, catching it on his tongue etc, and he was absolutely frozen but he wouldnt move because it was so amazing and he'd never really seen it before, only seen it on pictures.  It was really very sweet.  Aww 

We also made a long video about the snow for Moa while we were on our way home last night, its very random, and involves me messing about in the snow and in the middle of the road (there was absolutely noone about) hahah.  Absolutely hilarious, but I have yet to see the video in full though those who have seen it think it is amazing.
Tags: brazil, random, snow, video, vine

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