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The Army want me

Ever since I went round the careers fair at Uni and ended up talking to the army, they seem to have been trying to contact me.  Theres a distinct lack of oboists around, and so any of us are readily snapped up.  

On wednesday, I missed a couple of phonecalls from Colin Blowers, because I was in a meeting.  On thursday I had an email from Sgt Noel Trimble and I also had some post from him today as well, but I had an amazing conversation with another army man this morning.

I have been invited to go down to London and meet the Grenadier Guards!

The Army will pay for my train ticket down there, and food and sort me out with a room if I needed.  They said that basically I just needed to say when I was free and could go, and theyd see if they could sort it out so that I could go see the changing of the guard, take part in a rehearsal or see a concert, or see the changing of the guard and take part in a rehearsal!  Its my free reign to go and chat to the guys and girls in the Grenadier Guards!  Theres even an opening at the moment for an oboist!!

How exciting!!

Stewart is going to write to me with more details but I have his personal email address to contact him at any time if I want.  I am uber smiley XD
Tags: army, careers, oboe
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