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Le Mans

6 hours gone.  18 more to go. 

They've hit the 100 lap margin and Franck Montagny (9) was literally right behind Jacques Villneuve (7).  Now Franck leads and they're on the 104th lap or something.  He had taken the lead by the 102nd lap.  Its looking good.  I like it, but it's probably a good thing that Le Mans is only on once a year!

Franck's gotta be taking a break in the not too distant future.  He must have been driving since around 5pm...  Christian's up next though, whenever that is. 

Edit: yeah, its like 8.20pm and Christian's going in the car now :) 
Edit: he's leading at the moment, but Marc Gene (7) is catching him :(
Tags: christian, le mans, peugeot

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