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shiny new f1 racing

Its just been dropped on me, almost literally, with the rest of the post by my mother.  After fighting the silly plastic wrapper to get it open, theres some shiny stuff in here as usual.  

Im not really going to read it all now, as Im supposed to be doing some work... well, Ive been planning my seminar so far, so yay for anime. 

Anyway, on to shiny stuff - F1 to one with Adrian Sutil (shiny), Whos your number 1 (fairly shiny), Interview: Anthony Davidson (shiny), The best grid ever, when 8 world champs went wheel to wheel (sounds fairly shiny) and one of the funniest things here, I quote 'Alonso v Hamilton.  Analysis of a breakdown: where the marriage went wrong' which is actually what Ive been saying for AGES!!  Yes, its true that I got really bored one day and marked down the route of their relationship from marriage to divorce, but still.... (ok Ive got way too much time on my hands I know...)

For the technical side, theres shiny info on the F2007 and I must say that the picture here is rather shiny... but finally, Alex Wurz is back, kind of.  He swapped cockpits with a RAF pilot!  Will be reading THIS bit in depth during my 'break' later :)
Tags: adrian sutil, alonso, f1, marriage, raf, shiny

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