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Keep me away from the newsagents tomorrow

Well that was amusing.  The whole race kept me in stitches it was so funny.  Everyone got laughed at, so at least I'm fair.

All I can say now is 'Aww Rubens' in response to Rubens' actions on the podium, 'Yay Nick' and 'Keep me away from a newsagents tomorrow'.  The papers will be full of Lewis and I do not want to see headlines about him winning at Silverstone in the rain.  It will be unbearable.

On lighter notes, Jense and DC really are a comedy duo.  The drivers parade was absolutely hilarious.  I'll try and transcribe it later for anyone who's interested.  Also the grid walk was funny. Flav and his skiing... Heikki and his 'nice and slippery' tracks...  Geniusness!

Tags: 2008, f1, race, silverstone

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